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Privacy Policy

Easylink Remittance Australia understands that collection of personal data and it's safety is a most for all of us. So we and agencies that have special permission from us to utilize your data, maintain a strict confidence about all the information you provide to us.

"You" and "Your" in this privacy statement refer to the sender or receiver according to the context it's used in. "We", "us" and "our" refer to EASYLINK Remittance Australia and all the affiliated as well as independent third parties. "Site" or "website" refers to Easylink Remittance Australia website.

Agreeing to Privacy Policy

     By accessing our website and/or using our service you guarantee that you have read and agree to our Privacy Policy statement.

     The privacy policy states the collection, storage and use of the information like Name, address, A/c number and such. 

Gathering, Use and Sharing of Information

     We gather your information during the time of transaction or subscription and also through third parties or resources available publicly if required. Your personal data like Name, country, Date of birth, a/c number and proof of identity are stored for future transactions.

     If we are provided by additional information through different sources apart from the data you provide us and we find it to be important we will inform you of such. We ignore unsolicited information that is not required for your transaction purposes.

     We will not conduct any business with you unless true and accurate information is provided and approved by you as required for completing the transaction.

     We collect important personal information through online forms you submit and emails. Cookies help us store certain standard of information from the visitors of our site and help us send advertisements along your way. If you choose not to attach cookies with the site you have an option to turn your cookies off.

     We do not use the information received from cookies for transaction or to approve your identity in any case.

     We do not allow any third party users to access the personal and confidential information that we collect and store unless authorized by Easylink Remittance for purpose of solving issues or completing a transaction.

     We are obliged to share all the information we collect to government officials as required by the law if you or anyone using your device uses our site for unlawful activities.

     If the information you provide us with contains sensitive information it will not be used for any direct marketing and will not be shared with our agents unless required to do so by law.

     You will be able to access the personal information we have on you through different sources at any time if you wish to by contacting our office. Please allow some time for us to provide you with all the information.

     We understand the importance of sensitive information so we inlist strong security measures while collecting and storing your data at all times. Encrypted data transmission and password policy help us to secure such information. The first few characters of your account number is hidden using masking features to secure your account number.

     In case you no longer use the sites and our services for a certain time or if you wish to disagree with our amended "terms and conditions" and "privacy policy" we will use measure to destroy or de-identify your personal information for security purposes.

Consent to variation

      We try to keep our sites up to date and keep trying to amend our policy statements to correct any mistakes that have been pointed out to us through suggestion or complaints.

     We would like to ask you to read the updated Policy statements as soon as we upload it so you can express your consent towards it. If the updated statement contains matter that affect you in any way please inform us or you also have the option to opt out from the services we provide.

     The amended statement will be posted on our site and are effective from the date posted so please be updated for the variation on the Policy.

If you have any complaints or suggestions regarding "Privacy Policy" or any content on our Easylink Remittance Australia website please write to us or call us so we can amend the flaws in the updated statement.

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