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Terms and Condition

Following are the Terms and Condition To Transfer Money Through myeasylink.com

     The stated Terms and Conditions administers the conditions for the use and access of Easylink Remittance Australia's website including the services associated with it. If you access Easylink Remittance Australia's website you agree to comply with the terms listed in the "Terms and Conditions" part of our site. Please do not use the website or any of our services if you do not want to be bound by the terms.

     In the entirety of the "Terms and Conditions" section "we", "us" or "our" refers to Easylink Remittance Australia and its employees along with affiliates and third parties that help us provide our services. "You" and "your" denotes the clients who access our website services and the sender as well as the receiver of the transaction depending on the context used. Remember that access to our website means agreeing to the "Terms and Conditions" so read the terms thoroughly before accessing the services.

     Easylink Remittance Australia is not obliged to complete any transaction. Any transaction deemed to be unlawful will not be processed and will be reported as per the requirements of law enforcement.

     The time of delivery of transaction if quoted on our website is an average estimation of delivery and do not serve as a guarantee.

     Exceeding amount regulations and/or regulatory restrictions might result in the delay of transaction.

     Neither Easylink nor it's employees or affiliated third party agents will be liable for any hazardous, incidental, indirect or exemplary damage caused by the use of our services.

     An amount that is non refundable will be charged as a service fee as allowed by the law in addition to the transaction fee.

     Any liability caused due to the misuse of Easylink's service will result in us co-operating with law enforcement to take required action.


User Data Collection

     You are required to provide us with true and accurate information that we ask of you during the interval of your use of Easylink's service. Documents that provide proper identity of the sender and receiver are to be presented if required for the service. We may also acquire such information from third parties if needed.

     Only after the presentation of true and proper identification will the sender be able to make cash payments. You may also be needed to answer some test questions in some locations when making or receiving payments.

     False identification and improper documents will lead to cancellation of any transaction and may also be reported to law enforcement for further action.

     While accessing our service by agreeing to our "Terms and Conditions" you certify and warrant that the use of our service shall not be directly or indirectly involved in unlawful actions such as a) Theft, fraud, money laundering, terrorist activities and/or b) violations of terms and conditions.

     If required we will fully cooperate with law enforcement in providing information for required actions to be taken by applicable law.

     Easylink will always use best effort to protect the personal information provided to us and shall only use it as allowed by the law and in accordance with the Privacy Policy.


Intellectual property rights

     The Easylink Remittance Australia website, it's content and all the intellectual property including the service is the property of Easylink and it's affiliated parties.

     The data in the website and the service provided should only be used after thorough examination of the points listed in "Terms and Conditions" section. Duplication or exploitation of the terms or any content on our website is prohibited and is due strong action.



     Easylink may amend and revise all the sections in "Terms and conditions" at any given time for the betterment of the service and update of the system.

     The amended terms shall be posted on the site and shall be effective immediately from the date it's posted.

     Any advertisements or external third party websites posted on our website is there for the convenience of the people that use it and is not controlled or owned by Easylink Remittance.

     In case of any complaints or suggestions please contact our office through phone or write us so that we can stay in sync with the customer.

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