About US

Easy Link Remittance Pvt. Ltd. is the First Remittance Company in Nepal. Incorporated in 1999 (2056/06/18 B.S.) and is licensed to provide money transfer service from the Nepal Rastra Bank (Central Bank of Nepal).

Easy Link Remittance is a leading remittance company, with 5000 agents' network nationwide. We operate 365 days a year, providing remittance services all parts of Nepal. Easy Link has also partners with companies such as Trans Remittance Co. Ltd., Japan, Masari Payment Services Ltd. Cyprus, Han pass Co. Ltd. South Korea and Easy Link Transfer Pty. Ltd. Australia to deliver remittance services to the families of Nepalese working, living in these countries since 2012. The company has tie-ups with the major commercial banks and Development banks in Nepal.

Easy Link is committed to serving its customers everywhere in the world through its modern and efficient remittance facilities. Easy Link ensures fast and reliable delivery of remittances to remitter's beneficiaries in Nepal. Its network continues to grow through its offices and partners in different parts of the globe.



The mission of the Easy Link Remittance is to deliver secure, reliable, fast and easy Remittance services at minimum cost.



The main vision of the Easy Link Remittance is to be a globally renowned remittance company.



Easy Link Remittance provides fast, reliable and remittance services; for which Easy Link has a team of highly qualified, trained, dedicated and professionals who are the experts in customer care, daily operation and IT.


Easy Link is managed by qualified, experienced, dedicated and successful bankers, finance management expertise and young innovative people from Nepal. Easy Link is being a leading remittance company in Nepal, which has been providing its service since last 23 years. Over the last 23 years, our management has provided remittance services with an affordable, accessible and alternative instant remittance service that has because of its dependability become globally recognized.