Terms & Conditions

The Standard Terms and Conditions mentioned on this page shall determine, manage and regulate your use of our Easylink App and our website/s, Easylink Remittance, accessible under myeasylink.com, and other allied websites and the services that we provide.

These Terms and Conditions shall act as an agreement between you, our sender, the recipient, and our organization, Easylink Remittance a company registered under the laws of Nepal whose registered office is at Sohrakhutte, Kathmandu, Nepal.

All of the terms mentioned on this page shall be applied with full affect. By using our Easylink app, website and our services, you have agreed to accept all the Terms and Conditions that have been mentioned on this page.

1. Definitions and Meanings:

1.1. Easylink Remittance: Easylink Remittance is a company dedicated to providing an easy, effective and reliable method to send money to Nepal.

1.2. Easylink app: This refer to easylink app that we provide the services of sending money to Nepal.

1.3. Easylink Remittance website(s): These refer to any websites/URL such as myeasylink.com and others, that are created, owned and operated by Easylink Remittance and are used to provide services to our Clients.

1.4. Easylink Remittance Services: These refer to the various services provided by Easylink Remittance. These shall be further clarified in the Terms and Conditions.

1.5. Terms and Conditions: These refer to all of the points of information, rule, regulations and amendments mentioned on this page and act as an agreement between the Clients and the organization.

1.6. Customer Service: This refers to the availability of assistance and advice provided by our company to our Clients which can be reached via email:info@easylinkremit.com.npor by calling the number: +977 01-4388375, 4388376.

1.7. Privacy Policy: This refers to the policies adopted by Easylink Remittance in regards to processing and regulating the personal and company data provided to us. These policies shall be further clarified throughout this page.

2. Easylink Remittance Overview:

2.1. Easylink Remittance Pvt. Ltd. is the first Remittance company in Nepal. Incorporated in 1999 (2056/06/18 B.S) and is licensed to provide money transfer service from the Nepal Rastra Bank (Central Bank of Nepal).

3. About the Terms and Conditions:

3.1. These Terms and Conditions regulate the use of all the services provided by Easylink Remittance - whether it be face to face, online, via telephone or any other means of providing service.

3.2. Easylink Remittance primarily provides services to transfer money between countries and acts as a promoter of foreign exchange. These Terms and Conditions solidify this claim.

4. Easylink Remittance Opening:

4.1. The procedure to sign-up to Easylink Remittance requires you, our Client, to provide all of the necessary details mentioned in our sign-up form and also to accept these Terms and Conditions. The type and detail of information required can vary according to the additional services requested by you from our organization.

4.2. All the information provided during the sign-up and verification process, as well as all the additional data that may be required for particular services, must be accurate and correct.

4.3. The use and regulation of this information shall be managed under the Terms and Conditions of our organization and the governing law of Nepal. This shall be further clarified below.

5. Client Account Maintenance and Safety:

5.1. The Client must ensure that all the information provided to Easylink Remittance is accurate, correct and up-to-date.

5.2. The organization may communicate with the Client using the data they have provided. It is the duty of the customer to read any messages sent by the organization.

5.3. The Client can track all of their transactions on Easylink Remittance via their respective mobile app or customer portal on myeasylink.com

5.4. Along with transactions processed, all fees charged are also shown in the Phone app and/or customer portal. The Client should regularly check their Easylink Remittance balance and transaction statement and report to our Customer Service in the occurrence of any irregularities or if they wish to get clarification.

5.5. If the Client claims a refund for an unauthorized transaction or incorrectly executed transfer on Easylink Remittance, they must notify our organization as soon as they become aware of the situation and no later than thirty (30) days from the date of the transaction/transfer.

5.6. It is the responsibility of the Client to take any reasonable steps in ensuring the secrecy of their login details. The Client should never disclose their login details to anybody.

5.7. The Client should change their login password in regular intervals (every 3-6 months) to reduce the possibility of a security breach.

5.8. In the case that the Client suspects that their login details have been lost, stolen or altered, they should immediately contact Easylink Remittance’s Customer Service and file a report.

5.9. Easylink Remittance holds and may exercise the right to suspend/close or limit some of the functionalities of the Client’s account in the case that it is suspected that any of the security features of the organization have been compromised. In this case, Easylink Remittance will inform the Client about this restriction or suspension as soon as possible.

5.10. Easylink Remittance holds the right to suspend entirely or limit some of the functionalities of a Client’s account on reasonable grounds relating to the unauthorized or fraudulent use of its services or if the Terms and Conditions have been breached by the Client.

6. Easylink Remittance Closing:

6.1. The Client has the right to request for the termination of their Easylink Remittance account any time that they see fit. In order to do so, the Client must contact the Customer Service and follow further instructions.

6.2. If the Client’s Easylink Remittance account shows a positive balance at the time of its closure, we will arrange funds to be transferred to an external account. This external account’s account holder name must be as per the Client’s Easylink Remittance holder name.

6.3. Easylink Remittance holds the right to carry out any necessary money laundering, terrorism financing, fraud or other illegal activity checks before authorizing any withdrawal of Client’s funds, including in relation to returning any funds to the Client after the closure of the Easylink Remittance.

7. Receiving Funds to Easylink Remittance Account:

7.1. The Client can transfer funds either paying in card or bank transfer from their own card/bank account only. Easylink Remittance will only accept funds received from the Client, thus excluding third party payments. In order for us to facilitate the transfer, the Client must state the reference code as the description of the transfer.

7.2. Limits for receiving funds are defined depending on the Client’s account type. Please consider the section “Easylink Remittance Types” of these Terms and Conditions for more details.

7.3. Receiving funds are subject to fees. Please refer to the section “Easylink Remittance Fees” of these Terms and Conditions for more details.

7.4. Easylink Remittance holds the right to carry out any necessary money laundering, terrorism financing, fraud or other illegal activity checks before authorizing the transaction and crediting funds to the Client’s account.

8. Sending Funds from Easylink Remittance Transfer:

8.1. The Client will be asked to provide details of the recipient of the funds in order to initiate the transfer of funds. The Client must take great care to properly type the exact details of who they wish to send the money to. Easylink Remittance shall not be liable for any error the Client makes when entering the recipient’s details.

8.2. Sending funds from Easylink Remittance is subject to fees and limits. Please consider the section “Easylink Remittance Fees” of these Terms and Conditions for more details.

8.3. Recipients of the Client’s transfers must be in compliance with any applicable laws and regulations. It is the Client’s responsibility to ensure the appropriate level of controls and ensure the compliance of the transaction. In case of any doubts, the payment request should not be processed.

8.4. Easylink Remittance Transfer reserves the right to carry out any necessary money laundering, terrorism financing, fraud or other illegal activity checks before authorizing the transaction and transferring funds from the Client’s account.

9. Restricted Transactions:

9.1. Easylink Remittance holds the right to suspend or terminate Customer’s Easylink Remittance Services at any time if we reasonably believe to be required to do so by law or in order to comply with recommendations issued by a relevant government authority or recognized body for the prevention of financial crime.

9.2. The Client’s Easylink Remittance Services cannot be used for any illegal purposes. It is strictly forbidden to send or receive payments as consideration for the sale and/or supply of: tobacco products, prescription drugs, drugs and drug paraphernalia, weapons (including without limitation: knives, guns, firearms or ammunition), satellite and cable TV descramblers, pornography, adult material, material which incites violence, hatred, racism or which is considered obscene, government IDs and licenses including replicas and novelty items and any counterfeit products, unlicensed or illegal lotteries or gambling services (including without limitation the use of or participation in illegal gambling houses), unregistered charity services, items which encourage or facilitate illegal activities, prepaid debit cards or other stored value cards that are not associated with a particular merchant and are not limited to purchases of particular products or services, third party processing or payment aggregation products or services, multi-level marketing, pyramid selling or ponzi schemes, matrix programmes or other “get rich quick” schemes or high yield investment programmes, goods or services that infringe the intellectual property rights of a third party, uncoded/miscoded gaming timeshares or property reservation payments (On and Off Plan). We hold the right, in our sole discretion, to add categories of prohibited transactions and items by adding such categories either to these Terms of Conditions or an acceptable use policy published on the website. Easylink Remittance is committed to report any suspicious activity to the relevant law enforcement agency as per the laws of the country.

9.3. The Client is strictly forbidden from engaging in data mining, data harvesting, data extracting or any other similar activity in relation to this Website

9.4. If the Client attempts or conducts any transaction in violation of the prohibited transactions mentioned in these Terms and Condition, we will reserve the right to: suspend and/or close the Client’s Easylink Remittance Services, reverse any relative transactions and/or report the transaction and the Client’s account to the relevant law enforcement agency.

9.5. The recipient(s) of Client’s transfers must be in compliance with any applicable laws and regulation. It is the Client’s responsibility to ensure the appropriate level of controls and to ensure the compliance of the transaction with the respective Terms and Conditions and laws. In case of any doubt, the payment request shall not be processed and/or completed.

10. Payment of Fees:

10.1. The full list of fees applicable to the Client will be listed in the app and/or the website before making the transaction.

10.2. All of the aforementioned fees are subject to change as per the organization’s requirements or as per the laws of Nepal.

10.3. Fees will be deducted from the Client’s Easylink Remittance account. If any transaction fees apply, they shall be debited from the Client’s account as soon as the transaction is executed. In the case of insufficient funds being available in the Client’s account, the transaction shall be refused.

11. Transaction Limits:

11.1. The transaction limits for receiving and sending funds are set as per Client, based on individual profiles/accounts. The Client should be aware of the limitations in place before executing any transactions.

12. Intellectual Property Rights:

12.1. Other than the content you (the Client) own, under these Terms and Conditions, Easylink Remittance and/or its licensors own all the intellectual property rights and materials contained in this Website.

12.2. You are granted limited license only for purposes of viewing the material contained on this Website and for using the services of our organization.

13. Regulating Client Data:

13.1. Easylink Remittance Privacy Policy regulates and controls the manner in which our organization collects, processes, manages, uses and protects the data you decide to share with us. By agreeing to these Terms and Conditions, you also agree to our privacy policy and consent on our handling of the data you provide to us.

14. Easylink Remittance Liability:

14.1. We will refund the payment amount and all deducted fees in the case of an unauthorized or an incorrectly executed payment due to an error on our side. This does not apply in the following situations:

14.1.1. If the unauthorized payment is a result of your failure to keep your Easylink Remittance account login details secure.

14.1.2. If you do not notify us within a reasonable time period after you have gained knowledge about any loss of your Easylink Remittance account login details or any other situation or occurrence that may prejudice your account’s security. In this situation you will be liable for losses incurred up to your notification to us.

14.1.3. If you compromise the security of your Easylink Remittance account with intent or gross negligence, thus resulting in an unauthorized transaction, you are to be considered solely liable for all losses.

14.1.4. If you do not inform us or bring to our attention an unauthorized or incorrect transaction by thirty (30) days from the transaction date, you will solely liable for all losses.

14.2. If you notify us of any suspicious behaviour on your account and after this notification an unauthorized or incorrect transaction is to occur, we shall remain liable and refund the amount immediately to you.

14.3. In case our service or our intermediary services are disrupted, we shall not be liable if the disruption is related to unforeseeable circumstances beyond our reasonable control.

14.4. Easylink Remittance shall not be responsible for any losses connected to our compliance with legal and regulatory requirements and we shall not be liable for any indirect or consequential losses as loss of profit, loss of business and loss of reputation.

14.5. Easylink Remittance is to be consider obliged under these Terms and Conditions only in relation to providing money transfer services and ancillary foreign exchange services.

14.6. You will be liable to compensate and reimburse us in case we incur or suffer losses from you breach of these Terms and Conditions.

14.7. We shall not be liable for the assessment or payment of any taxes, duties or other charges that arise from the underlying commercial transaction between you and another Easylink Remittance Client.

15. Termination and Suspension:

15.1. Easylink Remittanceholds the right to suspend your account in the following cases:

15.2. Easylink Remittanceholds the right to terminate your account with no notice in the following cases:

15.2.1. If any of the conditions indicated in these Terms and Conditions are breached by you.

15.2.2. If we believe or we have proof that you are in violation of any law or regulation applicable to the use of our services.

15.2.3. If we believe or we have proof that you are involved in any way in a fraudulent activity, money laundering or other criminal activity.

16. Handling of Complaints:

16.1. If you wish to make a complaint about any aspect of Easylink Remittance,you may submit your complaint by sending an email to our Customer Service; email address: info@easylinkremit.com.np

16.2. We will acknowledge the reception of your complaint within 2 business days by email. The complaint will be recorded on our system and we will investigate your complaint and come back to you with the results of our investigation no later than thirty (30) business days of receipt of your complaint.

17. Indemnification:

17.1. You hereby indemnify to the fullest extent Easylink Remittance from and against any and/or all liabilities, costs, demands, causes of action, damages and expenses arising in any way related to your breach of any of the provisions of these Terms.

18. Severability:

18.1. If any provision of these Terms and Conditions is found to be invalid or unenforceable under any applicable law of the country, such provisions shall be deleted without affecting the remaining provisions herein.

19. Variations to the Agreement:

19.1. Easylink Remittance is permitted to revise and amend these Terms and Conditions at any given time as seen fit by the organization.

19.2. Any changes made to the Terms and Conditions shall be notified to you via email.

19.3. As a user of our website and services, you (our Client), will be expected to review these terms on a regular basis.

20. Government Law and Jurisdiction:

20.1. The Terms and Conditions mentioned in this page are governed and interpreted in accordance with the laws of Nepal and shall be subject to changes and amendments in accordance with the law.

20.2. The settlement of any disputes between the Clients and the organization shall be made in accordance with the aforementioned Terms and Conditions and the laws of the country.

21. Origination Partner:
21.1 Lalit Money originates its various remittances from its partner company: Unlimited Cloud LLC responsible for governing operations in the United States, and having its office registered at 10685-B Hazelhurst Dr #18459, Houston, TX 77043, USA. The Unlimited Cloud LLC Privacy Policy and Refund/Cancellation/Return policy is the same as the Lalit Policy referenced here. Please call +1-888-226-0712 for a customer service representative pertaining to services in the United States.

22. Other Policy: 

22.1 Other policy documents and procedures that are part of the terms and conditions are: